70chargers in your
favorite places

Daily travels through the city, family holidays at the seaside or work trips.
We make your travel easy, our chargers are at every corner of the country,
always on your way.


AC 22kW

Charging by an alternating current with power up to 22kW. During short break and daily routines we will boost your battery percentage for next kilometers. This standard allows for charging of all electric vehicles.

DC 50kW

Quick charging by a direct current with power up to 50kW. This standard is for those who need a big boost in a short time. A journey for holidays or longer business trip? No worries. Our chargers are waiting in the cities and on highways.

How to charge


In order to use our charging stations please install the Revnet app form Google Play or AppStore.


After the installation please follow the instructions in the app.


AC charging

1,09 PLN / kWh

DC charging

1,85 PLN / kWh

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