Charging stations are beneficial not only for drivers.
Charger at your parking brings big value for business.

What do we offer?


Visibility among
eco-aware society

Your company will be visible among the rapidly growing and attractive customers group. It will be seen on Google Maps, Plugshare and many others, what will significantly impact the revenue growth.


Boost for
your business

Drivers and passengers spend from 20 minutes up to few hours during charging at your car park. Do you imagine how? They spend this break for shopping, eating and use your services.


Charging station without financial investment

Charging station valued for tens of thousands of euro can be at your car park without financial investment. It allows for charging at least two cars simultaneously and depending on needs we can provide few chargers for one car park.


Covering invoices for used electricity

You do not need to worry about bigger usage of electricity. We cover this cost, and also the cost of parking spots.


Provided technical plan and done formalities

Shopping mall, petrol station or cinema - nevermind. We create a technical plan with adequate charging standards (AC/DC) and appropriate amount of chargers. We take care of the contract, fulfilling government requirements and other formalities.


Ongoing technical support

We take care of the investment from start to the first customer service. We provide ongoing maintenance, technical support, and training for your customer service department. Your role is only to serve bigger amount of customers.

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Charging car at workplace

Charging cars at the workplace is more and more common service among modern companies. Electric vehicle charging stations are demanded by fleet managers, business guests, and employees. Every company has its own needs - that is why we approach them individually. We identify real needs, research technical possibilities and provide with suited solutions based on high-end technologies.

Get ready for electric rEVolution.

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